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  Welcome to Sofie & Sam, Designed with little ones, their parents and the planet in mind.

It all started when two friends - Asim, a garment sourcing manager from ACME International India, and myself, Theresa, a designer from Denmark -  suddenly found ourselves parents, and with that, a whole new set of priorities when it comes to clothes.

I'm a professional designer with 12 years experience, 7 of those designing childrenswear for major brands. Well, once you're a parent you learn exactly what works and what doesn't - and fast! Every Sofie and Sam garment marries beautiful design with practical, parent-friendly details. These are the kind of clothes I wish I'd been able to get when Sofie was born - fun, playful and easy-to-dress designs for day and bedtime.

All our clothes are super-soft and environmentally-friendly. We use organically certified cotton and azo-free dye (our dye mills are tested to the highest standards) and we ship our products by sea rather than by air. The clothes are made in a superb factory in India, where they share the same ethos as us- that happy workers make good workers, which means no child labour, no to poor working conditions and every possible care for the environment.

Every detail counts, because Sofie and Sam is committed to making products that care for soft skin, warm hearts, and the earth's future.
Theresa and Asim

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