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This is why we use organic cotton for our baby wear
Cotton is a wonderful fibre for making clothes but it is now recognized that conventionally grown cotton causes great harm both to the environment and to workers with its extensive use of pesticides and insecticides which cause ill health to people coming into contact with the chemicals and widespread pollution by soaking into water tables.

Organic cotton is grown without chemicals and therefore does no harm to either environment or workers but is necessarily more labour intensive and further more fields must be free of chemicals for three years before the crop can be certified organic.

Furthermore organic cotton is a strong ‘Eco’ fibre so it can still keep a good shape after many washes, which is needed for baby wear.

We have knitted our certified organic cotton so it has a super soft hand-feel and therefore feels good on the skin of the baby.

We hope you will enjoy the softness and knowledge about the low environmental impact.

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